Scheme Detail

Name : Operation of Dediapada Science Centre
Key Objective of Scheme:

The main objective of the Science Centre is to support young students and enable  them in  understanding science ( by conducting studies in a playful mode) and to motivate more and more number of  students to take science a subject for higher studies. Increase and upgrade their knowledge in science subject. Along with students community people  are also targeted by using different activites.

About the scheme:

A science Centre is a program initiated by DoST (GoG) with an aim to generate awareness amongst the people of Narmada District of Gujarat state This project  is implemented by Manthan Education Trust. It conducts about 200 activities per year that emphasises on hand on approach for various activities such as sky observation, science poster and science workshops, featuring interactive exhibits that encourage children to learn and explore more. Around 20000 to 25000 children are  benefited by  this initiative.

Target Beneficiary:

Tribal students, Rural students, Tribal community members, Rural community members, Teachers, Women and Youth.

Funding: ₹ 478600
Expected Outcome:

To develop interest in science subject. Around 185 program and activities will be conducted during the year. Around 7400 students will be covered.

  • Centre has started IEC activities in Dediapada
  • While Science activities are in action  since 1st August, 2015.
  • Manthan has submitted progress report of science centre and viyan ganga activities.
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Progress Image:

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