Scheme Detail

Name : Construction and Maintenance of Check dam
Key Objective of Scheme:
  • To construct new check dams or maintain exiting check dams on identified river sites.
  • To construct serise of check dams on a river or strem/
  • To improve surface irrigation facility through series of check dams in single stream or river.
  • Improve ground water level by maintaining water reservoir, old check dam and  as a result improve the utility.
About the scheme:

Special Provision has been made to increase number of check dams and improvement of old check dams. Emphasis has been given to series of check dam on single stream or river.

Target Beneficiary:

Farmers of nearby area of check dam.

Funding: ₹ 9300000
Expected Outcome:

Increase in irrigated land area, increase in agriculture productivity,  seasonal cropping and increase in income of farmers.



  • During the year 2014-15 committee has approved 12 check dam of Rs.85.59 lakh and during the year 2015-16 committee has approved 6 check dam of Rs.26.46 lakh. Three sites (Timbapada, rakhaskundi and Timbapada damaged check dam) has been identified for construction and maintainenance  of check dam.
  • Construction of check dam at Rakhaskundi village has been started.(January)
  • Timbapada check dam work has been started(January).
  • Rakhaskundi check dam work reached up to gate level(February).
  • Timbapada check dam work has been completed (20-02-2016)
  • Rakhaskundi check dam work has been completed(20-02-2016)
  • Kabaripathar check dam(Ratilalbhai Butabhai) completed(5-02-2016)
  • Kabaripathar check dam (Reva Parsingbhai) completed(5-02-2016)
  • Pangam check dam (madhubhai radatiyabhai) completed(5-02-2016)
  • Ghantoli check dam (near Mansur gibabhai’s farm) Ghantoli check dam,(near Bhavsingbhai Chhedalbhai’ farm) completed (March)
  • Ghantoli check dam, (near Thakor bhai Rajeshbhai’s farm) completed (March)
  • Gajargota check dam(near Narottam rupabhai’s farm) completed (March)
  • Gajargota check dam (near devajibhai Nathabhai’s farm) completed (March)
  • Gajargota check dam, (near Soliya lashkariyabhai’s farm) completed (March)
  • 2 out of 3 big check dam and other 9 small check dam work has been completed 
  • Timbapada (imrovement of check dam) work start. (May-2016)
  • new sites has been identified for next year planning. 
Document: PPT check dam

Progress Image:

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