Scheme Detail

Name : Income Generation through Bee Keeping Project
Key Objective of Scheme:

Reduce migration by providing self-employment opportunities at home. Provide sustainable source of livelihood to women and make them economically capable. Increase agricultural production through pollination.

About the scheme:

Income generation through honey bee keeping  has been started  as a project with the objective of reducing poverty and providing sustainable income to the women of SHGs , so that no longer they have to migrate in search of livelihood and they can get self employment at home.

Target Beneficiary:

 Initially 20 beneficiaries from Kokam Village have been selected for the project.

Funding: ₹ 410000
Expected Outcome:

 On an average per beneficiary 40 Kg. production of honey is estimated. Total income Rs. 6000/ p.a. per beneficiary  is estimated. Average Yearly  production expenditure Rs. 1750  per beneficiary is estimated. So, after deducting production expenditure, net annual income per beneficiary is expected to be  Rs. 4750/. If current project is successful then the project will be expanded for another 180 beneficiaries.

  • Project is  started in month of April and  training of bee keeping is provided by Manmohan Apiary in close coordination with mission Mangalam to all beneficiaries.         
  •   Box of honey bee are regularly  being monitored by beneficiary ,
  • Two boxes of honey bee  is given to each beneficiary. 
  • Total 40 box is provided to 20 beneficiaries.
  • group has collected 90 Kg of honey within  3 months and total group earning is Rs. 36000.
  • All the boxes are kept together at one place and income is share by every beneficiary equally.
  • Through first income beneficiaries were able to pay their share of contribution. as of now 3 time honey extraction has been done.
  • group earning from 1st honey extraction :Rs 36000/- (90 kg @ 400 per Kg) at Mangrol fair with support of Manmoham Apiary
  • group earning from 2nd honey extraction :Rs 5200/- (13 kg @ 400 per Kg) at Dediapada Local Market
  • group earning from 3rd time honey extraction :Rs 10000/- (25 kg @ 400 per Kg) at Dediapada Local Market Saras fair Surat
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Progress Image:

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