Scheme Detail

Name : Income generation through Periphery Plantation (Teak wood)
Key Objective of Scheme:
  • To provide alternate source of livelihood to farmers.
  • To protect boundaries from soil erosion.
  • To provide additional green cover.
About the scheme:

Teak ( Tectona grandis ) is the most valuable hardwood. It can be grown in almost every part of the country except the dry western zone, although the best teak forests develop in well drained deep alluvial soil. Its golden brown lustre, decorative grain and unique properties have made it one of the highly demanded woods in the world. Hence teak plantations have been raised for industrial purposes since long years. This project involves plantation of teak by the farmers in the periphery of his farm land, therefore there will be no disturbance to his main crop. This will give him a source of income as teak is known to be the king of timber as it has better commercial value in the wood market than other commercial trees. 

Target Beneficiary:

At present, three villages i.e.Ghatoli, Gajargota and Soliya have been selected for mission mode implementation with almost covering all farmers of these villages.

Funding: ₹ 1500000
Expected Outcome:

Normally, an irrigated plantation has been assumed to attain a growth in 20 years which is attained by a rained plantation in 25 years. It takes roughly 20-30 years to produce reasonably good quality timber. However, due to large market demand for teak, even the poles and small timber fetch good price. First thinning in 7th / 8th year and second thinning in 13th / 14th year may provide good number of poles and small timber. The estimated average price of good quality timber ranges between  Rs.500 to Rs.1500 per unit.

  • To get estimate of required trees, survey have been coducted.
  • Total 107050 teakwood plant has been demanded from the farmers Because of the scare monsoon forest department has supplied total 32560 plants and 29720 plants were planted by Mahila Samakhya Members.
  • As per survey, estimated demand from 767 farmers is 107050 plants from three villages. RFO Dediapada has submitted estimates of Rs. 13.00 Lakhs for execution which includes cost of plants, transportation, plantation cost, fertilizer kit, etc.
  • Distribution of plants will be done during Taluka Van Mahotsav.
  • Between 1st July 2015  to  25th August ,2015 around 20% of work has been completed and plants were planted by Mahila Samakhya.
  • Regarding this forest department has raised the bill of Rs.301180 and Mahila Samakhya labour activity bill Rs. 104020.
  • Payment of Labour activity bill under progress.
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