Scheme Detail

Name : Installation of Lift Irrigation scheme
Key Objective of Scheme:
  • Increase the irrigation coverage through lift irrigation scheme.
  • Increase the participation of community for ,maintenence of check dam and Lift irrigation.
About the scheme:

Lift irrigation schemes carry water by means of pumps from the water source to the main delivery chamber, which is situated at the top most point in the command area. Second. They distribute this water to the field of the beneficiary farmers by means of a suitable and proper distribution.

Target Beneficiary:
  • Farmers fall under command area of check dam.
  • Members of respective mandali or Juth.
Funding: ₹ 10575290
Expected Outcome:
  • Increase in irrigated land area,
  • Increase in agriculture productivity,  seasonal cropping and
  • Increase in income of farmers.
  • Improve the ground water level.
  1. During the year 2014-15 committee has approved six lift irrigation schemes of Rs.81.37 lakh and during the year 2015-16 committee has approved three lift irrigation schemes of Rs. 24.37. Lift irrigation schemeat village Kutilpada (Under progress)
  2. Lift irrigation scheme at village Koliwada.(Under progress)
  3. Lift irrigation scheme at village Ghantoli.(Under progress)
  4. Lift irrigation scheme at village Gajatgota.(Under progress)
  5. Lift irrigation scheme at village Rakhaskundi.(Under progress)
  6. Lift irrigation scheme at village Timbapada.(Under progress)
  7. Lift irrigation scheme at village Rakhaskundi completed (June-2016)
  8. Lift Irrigation scheme at village Kutilpada completed (June-2016)

Progress Image:

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