Scheme Detail

Name : Agri.Diversifaiction Project-TOMATO
Key Objective of Scheme:

To Divert the Farmers Trend from Traditional farming  to improved crop & Hybrid variety for Cash crop & thereby improve  life /living standard.

About the scheme:

Kits comprisie of Hybrid tomato (variety Ankur1001) seeds, ferilizers & agro inputs is to be  Priovided along with Trailing materials for maximize Crop yield & redice yield damage lead to higher market ptices.

Scientific farming education at field level through Field workers and also farmers meeting through Agri. experts time to time.

Resolved the issues/querry at field level  and higher level by Agr. Experts on need basis.

Target Beneficiary:

Toatal  82 Benefiereies covered from 8 viilages for 60Acres of Tomato cultivation.

Funding: ₹ 56
Expected Outcome:

Progress Image: No Image Found.

Supported by GACL Education Society

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