Sr. No. Project Geographical area Financial Year Time duration Funding (Rs. Lakhs) Financial progress Implementing agency Partner agency
1 Operation of Dediapada Science Centre Dediapada 2014-2015 1 year 4.78 4.52 District Primary Education Office Narmada Manthan Education Trust
2 Outreach Programme of Dediapada Science centre 26 Schools of Dediapada Taluka 2014-2015 1 year 12.55 11.28 District Primary Education Office Narmada Manthan Education Trust
3 Lift irrigation, Check dam and maintenance of check dam 10 Villages of Dediapada 2014-2015 1 year 124.00 (61.57)All 9 check dam works completed and all 6 LI works physically completed. handover are under progress. District Irrigation Office (Panchayat) *Shree Dharmendra D. Vasava *Shree V.J. Suratiya *Shital Construction Rajpipla, *Shree Kamalsing vasava
4 Check dam and maintenance of check dam Timbapada-1, Rakhaskundi, Timbapada-2 2014-2015 1 year 42.94 (23.15) All the 3 check dams has been completed. payment under progress District Irrigation Office (Panchayat) M/S Simpy Construction
5 Income Generation through Bee Keeping Project Kokam 2014-2015 1 year 4.1 4.10 (work completed) District Rural Development Agency Manmohan apiary
6 Improvement of Aanganvadi Centers Timbapada-1 and Mota Sukaamba-1 2014-2015 1 year 16 Work completed and payment under progress. Programmer officer ICDS M/s Toycra pvt. ltd Ahemdabad
7 Website Development Dediapda Taluka 2015-2016 1 year 0.5 Funded by GATL CSR Cell Narmada Rudra Automation Private Limited
8 Dairy Development Phase-1 Villages(Timbapada, Rakhasundi, Gajargota, Ghantoli, Kabaripathar, Ladva, Mojra, Kolivada, Kutilpada & Soliya) 2015-2016 4 years 114 AS of 145 lakh has been accorded. Dudhdhara Dairy Bharuch. Dudhdhara Dairy Bharuch.
9 Agriculture Diversification(Bhindi) Timbpada, Rakhaskundi, Ghantoli, Ladva, Kabaripathar. 2015-2016 1 year CSR cell Narmada. GATL (GSFC Agro Tech Ltd.)
10 Agricuture diversfication Project Dediapada Taluka of Narmada Distt. 2017-18 1 YEAR 79.365 GSFC AGROTECH LTD.BARODA

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